Artful Journey


I believe I have always been an artist. My first memories of my art though were in about the 5th Grade. I don't remember what our assignment was but I drew a picture of the US Capital building and my Mother helped me paint it with oil paint she had left from a "paint by numbers" kit she had done. My teacher was so excited about it she hung it in the classroom. I have no recollection of whether mine was the only one and of course as far as I was concerned it was the only one. But that instant has never left my mind.

Picture from 3rd Grade

My 3rd Grade Art

I wanted to grow up to be an Artist. Later after graduating High School and serving in the Navy I attended college and my thinking was that I wanted to do just that. However, I had been persuaded by the world that one could not make a living as an Artist. So I decided to pursue the higher-paying technical world and that was my major in college. It did not stop me from getting a piece of my dream. I filled all of my elective hours with Art Classes.

Upon graduation, I went to work and placed my art ambitions behind me. Currently retired, I have returned to my art.

So that is my story and while I doubt I will ever be known for my work, that isn't why I do it anyway. There are shows and exhibits that I could enter my things in and I have. I felt that placing access to them online would give many more people a chance to see them. Not everyone will appreciate some or all of them but, some might. Maybe what I have made will inspire someone else to try.

Take a look with no strings attached. You might even start with Paintings. Hope you enjoy.